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Category: Adventure


Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

Stand Up Paddling in Costa Rica This new sport consists of standing on a long, buoyant board while paddling—thus the

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Tubing in Costa Rica

Tubing is a great way to enjoy rivers, lakes and oceans from on top of a rubber tubeThe term comes

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Golf in Costa Rica

Golf in Costa Rica is special. A lush rainforest surrounds, a macaw passes overhead and a monkey rudely critiques swings

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Wind sports in Costa Rica

Defying the waves with the blowing of the wind Costa Rica’s weather is controlled by the east-west trade winds which

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Biking in Costa Rica

Countless miles of trails covering every type of terrain await biking enthusiasts of all levels. There are a variety of

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Fishing in Costa Rica

All set for fishing With direct flights from the United States to San Jose and Guanacaste, reaching choice fishing destination

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Climbing in Costa Rica

Climbing and rappelling in Costa RicaClimbing and rappelling test the physical and mental endurance of those willing to master high

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ATV in Costa Rica

ATV adventure in Costa RicaFour wheelers provide an exhilarating experience while exploring otherwise hard-to-reach mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and beaches. Thrills

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Surfing in Costa Rica

The best beaches for surf in Costa RicaCosta Rica has become one of the favorite international destinations for surfing due

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Kayaking in Costa Rica

To suite every tasteThe mixture of kayak and water offers a lot of possibilities. Some of its specialties may be

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