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Think of a true tropical paradise and surely you will be thinking of a place like Tamarindo, which is located on the north Pacific coast of Costa Rica. While it is true, some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica are difficult to access, Tamarindo has built a highly popular reputation for all visitors to enjoy the beauty of this Guanacaste beach town. This destination is very popular with tourists due to its modern development, as well as paved roads, but don’t worry, it is not a city that keeps itself full of people or business. There are so many activities for all kinds of tastes, you won’t have time to do them all. Now it is easier to get to Tamarindo than before; with development, which includes not only paved roads, but also bridges. There are several options, depending on which airport you come from. Tamarindo can be reached in about four hours if you drive from Juan Santamaria International Airport. If you do not have access to a vehicle, you can take a regional flight from the San José airport to the Tamarindo domestic airport.
Flying is faster, of course, but driving can be an adventure that will allow you to experience the authentic Costa Rican countryside. You can also fly to the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia; and it is even easier to get to Tamarindo by this route, in just 1 hour. Tamarindo is not a great place to visit just because of its development. It is also one of the wonders of adventure and boasts the serenity of a tropical paradise. This is a destination for anyone traveling to Costa Rica, from honeymooners to families or friends.

Swim in its waters
Water is obviously the main characteristic of many coastal towns in Costa Rica, and in Tamarindo it undoubtedly occupies a paramount place. Whether you are looking to swim, cool off or go on various adventures, there is always something here for all kinds of marine lovers.
Those who want to dive into the water just need to go to the beach with their towel and prepare to have a fun-filled day. Those who are more adventurous will be able to rent scuba gear and spend the day exploring what’s below the surface of the water. Costa Rica is known for its varied animal life, so get ready to see some amazing creatures!
If you do not want to have much contact underwater, activities such as surfing, kayaking, sailing and sport fishing are some of the activities that you can practice here.
Surfing is very popular in Tamarindo, whether you want to practice it or just watch surfers from the beach. This area is a good place for novice surfers – even the waves and the wind are known to be calm, so those with only a little experience will be able to surf very easily.
If you don’t have the necessary experience, you can always sign up for some surf lessons. Tamarindo will be an unforgettable place to learn the basic foundations of surfing. If you are more experienced, you can sign up for custom surf tours.
There are a variety of sailboat rides and kayak tours available to all interested people. Those looking for sport fishing will also be very lucky. Sport fishing in Tamarindo is known worldwide for its huge fish. The area is a hot spot for marlin, sailfish, and many others.

Although the incredible local food forces you to stay home and eat all day, or take a nap after a delicious typical meal, Costa Rica is a place where you have to go outdoors. In Tamarindo, visitors have a choice of lots of outdoor activities, from horseback riding, biking, rafting, hiking, golf and much more. One of the most popular outdoor experiences in Tamarindo is the Las Baulas National Marine Park. Costa Rica is a country that believes in preserving the natural beauty of the land and protecting endangered animals, and this national park does just that.
This place is a protected area that serves as a sanctuary for the population of sea turtles. These magnificent creatures use this area as a nesting site, without fear of being caught or having their eggs stolen. You will also be able to appreciate many other animals in the park, which includes more than 150 species of birds.
Golfers have a different definition of paradise, but Tamarindo can meet the highest expectations of golfers. There are incredible golf courses in this area that offer not only large tracts of land but also admire the landscapes as well as the local and wildlife. That is not something that most golf courses can offer you!

Gastronomy and Dance
Costa Rica’s gastronomy is always exciting, and Tamarindo offers some of the best gastronomic experiences available in local restaurants. For those staying in a beautiful vacation home where they are allowed to prepare their food, the area offers traditional local markets where they can shop for authentic Costa Rican flavors. After an exciting whole day exploring Tamarindo, you may be tempted to appreciate a beautiful sunset. But the fun does not end in Tamarindo! There are a variety of bars and clubs open for you to have a drink and dance on the dance floor.

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