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Papagayo Gulf

Papagayo Gulf

The Gulf of Papagayo is home to many all-inclusive hotels in Costa Rica.

Located on the north Pacific coast north of Playa Panama, the Gulf of Papagayo is wild and very beautiful. If you want to get away from the crowds and experience the true nature of Costa Rica at its best, this is the perfect place to explore.

Papagayo is located in Guanacaste, near the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia. Rest and relaxation always go hand in hand in the Gulf of Papagayo, with mesmerizing ocean landscapes, intimate settings and many activities, as well as lush tropical greenery in all its corners.

If you enjoy sunny days, this is the perfect place, here you will find a great hotel and commercial development, as well as small and intimate hotels and national parks such as Santa Rosa and Rincon de la Vieja.

Perfect Tropical Beach

Traditionally known as the paradise of bird watchers and nature lovers, Papagayo is also a delightful experience for those who just want to relax and have fun. Papagayo’s beaches meet most of the requirements by which a good beach is judged. The most specific criteria are water quality, settings, sand texture, and the limited presence of mosquitoes.

Beautiful palm trees rise on the beach giving refreshing leftovers to visitors. Spectacular sunsets are common on the Pacific coast of the Gulf of Papagayo. From calm waters for a refreshing dip, to the finest sands with the best views, Papagayo is the perfect destination to enjoy nature and relax.

Close to Everything

The Gulf of Papagayo is located 3 km north of Playa Hermosa in a region noted for its tremendous economic growth, an area that prides itself on having a tropical setting overlooking the Pacific and is a development area for exclusive five-star hotels and resorts.

The reasons why the Gulf of Papagayo is so attractive to investors are its wonderful landscapes, beautiful beaches, proximity to the national parks of the Pacific coast and its easy access by various routes. The Costa Rican government is dedicated to sustaining progress in the Gulf of Papagayo. This growth will preserve the environment while allowing an increase in development and tourism by the state. The Papagayo Tourism Project oversees development in this area.

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