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San Jose

San Jose

Founded in 1737, San José is today a large expanding city. The capital of Costa Rica and the largest city in the country, San José is considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Latin America. Here, you can find not only good accommodation and hotels, but also many wonderful museums, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, colorful markets and a great rhythm of nightlife.

Strategic Center

A bustling city located within a tropical paradise, San José is located in the center of the country, in the Central Valley and is surrounded by beautiful virgin cloud forests. Serving as an operations center for the rest of the country, San José is the perfect place to use as an exit point to get to know all of Costa Rica. With Juan Santamaría International Airport just 20 minutes from downtown San José, there are plenty of tourist bus companies based here that run throughout Costa Rica.

Downtown San José is the busiest part of the city. With a maze of streets and avenues, here you can find most of the city’s museums, as well as a series of hotels, parks and squares. A large number of tourism companies, restaurants, and hotels can also be found in San José, with the Coca Cola bus terminal just north of Central Avenue. The city center is quite small and at the same time it is one of the most frequented places in the city, keep in mind that you will encounter vehicle congestion accompanied by a lot of noise. But don’t let this stop you, as this part of the city is downtown San José. The streets and avenues here are usually full of pedestrians and traffic, so the best way to explore this area is on foot.

Museums and Markets

Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art at CENAC or go on a tour of the Jade Museum at the National Insurance Institute. To get up close and personal with the inhabitants of this city, visit local markets such as the Central Market on Central Avenue.

Learn Spanish fast!

In addition to traveling, there are also a number of language schools in downtown San José that will help you speak Spanish fluently. They are very popular and offer good value for money, you can attend intensive classes for a maximum of 5 hours a day and at the same time live with a family that takes care of their food and accommodation.

This is an excellent way to learn not only Spanish, but to understand the Tico culture more intimately.

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