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San Isidro del General

San Isidro del General

If you are passing through the small agricultural town of San Isidro del General, a district in the canton of Perez Zeledon, stop for a moment (or more) to enjoy the atmosphere. On the way to San Isidro del General, you will pass the Talamanca mountains and see some of the most breathtaking views in all of Costa Rica. However, that is not all, you will also find interesting Costa Rican cultural events here, making San Isidro del General a vacation place worthwhile on its own. Cross the Cerro de la Muerte, see the annual cattle show and travel a few kilometers south to the Boruca de los Diablos Indigenous Festival to complete your visit to San Isidro del General.

Spectacular Mountain Views

If you travel to San Isidro del General from San Jose on the Panamerican highway, you must pass Cerro de la Muerte, on the way. This mountain earned its name by claiming the lives of many travelers who tried to make their way through its difficult terrain in the past. Don’t worry though: Modern roads have made crossing the mountain much safer. Instead of fearing for your life, you will be able to enjoy the incredible views that this mountain pass offers. At an altitude of over 10,800 feet, this pass is the highest point that the Pan-American Highway reaches in Costa Rica. Be sure to bring a sweater or jacket; You’ll want to go out and take photos, and the air is usually cold at that high altitude.

Trip by bus

You can drive the Panamerican Highway from San Jose to San Isidro del General yourself, but that is generally not recommended. The road is full of irregularities in some areas, and certain weather conditions can cause landslides in the mountains. Instead, consider leaving the driving to an experienced bus driver. You won’t have to worry about safety on the three-hour trip, and you can enjoy the scenery outside the window without distraction.

Culture of Costa Rica

If you can, visit San Isidro del General during the month of February. This is when the city holds its annual cattle fair, an event that is especially fun for children. If you don’t like a cattle show, consider traveling a few kilometers further south to Rey Curré, an indigenous town in Boruca. The Devils Festival is held here in February of each year. Taking the trip to Rey Curre also gives you the opportunity to find unique and meaningful memories, such as traditional decorations and brightly colored masks created by indigenous Boruca artisans. Other nearby attractions include the ancient city of Piedra del Indio and Las Quebradas Biological Station.

Spend the night

San Isidro del General is a natural stopping point along the Panamerican Highway if you head towards the Chirripo National Park, the Manuel Antonio National Park, the cities of Quepos or Dominical or Panama. Here you will find many accommodations, whether you stay an hour or a whole day. There are a variety of restaurants in the city where you can get a fast and cheap meal or try some high quality authentic Costa Rican food. There are also several reasonably priced hotels in town if you plan to stay overnight.

San Isidro del General is a hidden gem in El Valle del General, so don’t forget. If you’re just passing through, take the opportunity to stretch your legs and explore the city a bit. You may find that you want to spend more time than you expected soaking up the Costa Rican culture in San Isidro del General.

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