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Liberia is located in the northwest of Costa Rica, in the province of Guanacaste, and has all the ingredients of a very popular tourist place: a modern international airport, beautiful churches, an authentic colonial atmosphere, a rich history and a central park. While Liberia is mainly used as a way station to get to know Guanacaste’s more developed neighboring cities as well as white sand beaches, the capital city is not a bad place to enjoy a short stay. The Guanacaste province offers visitors some of the country’s most incredible beaches, jungles and volcanoes, and much more.

More than 55,000 Costa Ricans call the city of Liberia home, and with the passage of time, the airport located very close to here, is making the city of Liberia much more popular than before, making prompt renovations, roads and even a great shopping center. For both residents and visitors, there is a wide variety of gastronomic offer as well as services to make life a little more interesting.

Staying in Liberia

In addition to getting a glimpse into the daily life of an authentic Costa Rican town, people who want to stay in the city of Liberia will also enjoy great nightlife, restaurants and hotels. Some of the most important things you should experience while in Liberia include sugarcane juice as well as slushies from local suppliers. In July, the city hosts an exhibition celebrating the annexation of its native province, Guanacaste, which took place in 1824. Liberia is also home to the Guanacaste Museum, which shows the work of local and national artists on the abolition of the army in Costa Rica, and its effect on the country’s urbanity. This is a great place to get a true cultural experience.

Visit the Guanacaste Beaches

As a gateway, Liberia is a point of contact that gives you the opportunity to head to beautiful white sand beaches. Liberia is located near the tourist centers and beaches on the Pacific Ocean, including the Gulf of Papagayo, Playas del Coco, Playa Hermosa, Tamarindo, and Playa Conchal. These are some of the most sought after destinations in Costa Rica. Playa Hermosa has amazing waters for sport fishing and unforgettable diving.

Visit the Guanacaste National Parks

While Guanacaste’s beaches are incredible, there are some destinations that you should not miss, either, including several national parks. These areas of preserved nature are great places to see the diversity of flora and fauna that has made the country famous and they are also good places for adventures such as hiking and canopy tours. The national parks located in the province of Guanacaste and accessible through Liberia are the Santa Rosa National Park and the Rincón de la Vieja National Park.

The Santa Rosa National Park is one of the oldest parks in Costa Rica, established in 1971, and is admired by locals and visitors alike. Although not confirmed, there is a surf spot called Witch Rock that could be one of the best surfing in the country. This park also has historical significance, as it is home to La Casona de Santa Rosa and a museum commemorating the local peasant army that killed William Walker and his mercenaries. The park itself spans more than 12,000 hectares and includes many habitats, from wetlands to tropical forests. When people visit the Rincon de la Vieja National Park, they will be able to observe a volcano of the same name within the property. The volcano produces steam, hot springs, craters and natural mud pools; which are very popular along with hiking. You will also be able to appreciate some of the many waterfalls and rivers in the area, while hiking or horseback riding along one of the park’s trails. The park is located about two hours from the city of Liberia, and there are a variety of lodges for tourists to stay in.

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