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Arenal Volcano National Park

Arenal Volcano National Park

The imposing of the Arenal volcano is undeniable and this is the first thing we think of when visiting La Fortuna de San Carlos, where this natural wonder is located. Those who visit this protected area should not miss, in addition, the lava flows that descended in 1992, the impressive ceiba tree with more than 400 years old and the trails along an extensive and authentic rain forest, where you can appreciate the wildlife and resources that the Park protects. In addition, each visit contributes directly to the conservation of natural resources, since 100% of the entrance goes to the National Parks Fund, which is used in solidarity to finance all the protected areas of the country. The Arenal Volcano National Park (PNVA) was created on September 30, 1991 through Executive Decree No. 20791-MIRENEM. Subsequently, its surface was expanded by means of Executive Decrees No. 21197-MIRENEM (April 23, 1992) and No. 23774-MIRENEM (November 22, 1994). This area is of great importance for the conservation of the local water regime, which guarantees the constant supply of water to the Arenal reservoir and to nearby human settlements. It also considers scenic beauty and volcanic activity, which are important tourist attractions for regional development, economic activity, and contribution to the national electrification system.

Drinking water, parking, gazebo, lunch area, sanitary services, etc.

-Heliconias Trail: Covered with vegetation, it measures 610 meters, it is flat and narrow, and from there you can see the crater.
Coladas Trail: It is a 1.7 km flat route from where you can see the volcanic cone, the Arenal lake and the Tilarán mountain range.
El Ceibo Trail: It is relatively flat and is 2.3 km long. Here you can see the great Ceiba pentandra tree.
Viewpoint to the volcanic cone: It is 1.5 km from the entrance control house and from there you can see the Arenal volcano.

Investment in the La Península area: Currently, a gift shop, a small cafeteria, a trail for people with reduced mobility and a viewing platform at the end of the La Península trail are being designed and built, from where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in the Arenal lake area.

Please take into account the following recommendations:

-It is absolutely forbidden to climb the volcanic cone and its immediate surroundings.

-Bonfires are not allowed. The visitor may use portable gas stoves, only in the areas designated for this purpose.

-Pets are not allowed.

-The use of sound equipment such as radio recorders, megaphones, televisions and any other sound instrument is not allowed.

-It is not allowed to make improper use, damage, or acts of vandalism against the infrastructure of the park.

-Smoking is not allowed within the limits of the Arenal Volcano National Park.

-The extraction or mistreatment of plants or animals and their by-products, as well as the extraction of rocks and any other geological material, is prohibited.

-It is prohibited within the park to carry firearms, arbaletas, knives and / or any other weapon classified as such by law number 7530 on Weapons and Explosives.

-It is forbidden to place signs, advertisements or make any type of events within the park limits, without authorization from the administration of the Arenal Volcano National Park.

-The waste (garbage) produced by visitors must be deposited in the corresponding collectors that are installed for public use for this purpose or must be removed from the area by visitors, in case some collectors are not installed in some sites. for driving reasons.

-The consumption of alcoholic beverages and any other drug within the park is prohibited.

Contact: 2200-4192.
La Fortuna Tourism Chamber (Catuzon)
Tel .: (506) 2479-7512

Integral Development Association of La Fortuna (Adifort)
Tel .: (506) 2479-8338

How to get?

From San José, take the Interamerican Highway west towards San Ramón. Then follow the highway north through Los Angeles, La Tigra and Chachagua to La Fortuna, from there take route 142.

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