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Being the second largest province in Costa Rica, Alajuela is home to a wide variety of both artificial and natural attractions. The province is the site of one of the most beautiful mountain ranges, the Cordillera Central, in addition to several volcanic national parks.

Travelers looking to have a cultural experience will also be able to enjoy this region, as it is home to the city of Alajuela, a quiet metropolitan area located on the outskirts of San José. Sitting on a gentle slope, Alajuela is also slightly hotter and smaller than its neighboring capital San José.

Best of all, Alajuela is home to the Juan Santamaría International Airport, which provides flights to both domestic and international destinations. The airport makes it easier for travelers to and from the most remote tourist spots.

Alajuela City

The small town of Alajuela often serves as a base for many travelers in the area. With many lodging options and restaurants, the city is very well located within easy reach of the main attractions of the province, and has many groups of excursions and cultural services. There are movie theaters, shopping malls, and coffee shops, as well as one of the largest farmers markets in the country.

Every Saturday morning, locals and visitors gather to buy fresh produce, craft items, and listen to local music. It is a great way for people to experience the true lifestyle of the Costa Rican.

Zoo ave

Home to a wide variety of cats, monkeys, and other animals native to Costa Rica, Zoo Ave is best known for hosting more than 100 different species of vibrant birds. This park is always lively, with feathers, scales and skin is sharpened by the beautiful music of the unique voice of each species.

Zoo Ave is a great place to learn more about the native wildlife of Rica Costa, the park’s main mission is to breed animals that can be reintroduced into the wild with such a big mission, you know your admission fee goes towards something worthwhile!

Doka State

Featured for its amazing coffee, the Doka Estate is a must-see for any caffeine fanatic. The coffee tour takes visitors through the process from seed to cup and teaches all coffee lovers about the entire process of its production. The family-owned coffee plantation started in the 1940s, and the family has honed in on the art of making the perfect cup of coffee. At the end of the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to taste the rich blends they have learned on the road.


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