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The small town of Siquirres is located in one of the most accessible areas of Costa Rica, the roads here are quite manageable from San José and public transport is frequent. The city served as a lowland transportation hub for years as it is located at the intersection of Highway 32, which crosses the Atlantic slope toward Puerto Limón, and Highway 10. From San José, it will take travelers about three or four hours of driving to reach Siquirres.

Siquirres is often overlooked as a tourist destination, but if you are looking for something a little off the beaten path the traveler, this picturesque town will be perfect. Whoever wants to escape from the common bustle of the most important critical points, such as Cartago and San José, will enjoy this remote village.

One of the most interesting attractions in the area is the Banana Tour in Sarapiquí. Here visitors will have the opportunity to experience the world of bananas with the Costa Rican Dole Fruit Company standard. Visitors will be able to hike well-maintained trails to see agriculture demonstrations in action, including picking, supporting, bagging, and packing the fruit. And of course, the tour ends with samples of freshly cut banana products, freshly brewed coffee and much more.

Although it may seem like a long walk, Braulio Carrillo National Park can be reached in about an hour because Highway 32 runs all the way to the park. The highway offers unique access to wildlife. Here, the virgin forests are lush. Travelers who want a closer contact with nature, however, will be able to enjoy one of the park’s trails that allows a closer look.

The hiking trails in this park are among some of the most diverse in Costa Rica, with breathtaking views of the wild visa and flora that varies through different heights. Located at the eastern end of the park, the Aerial Section travels through two levels of the rain forest where you are likely to spot a three-toed sloth, or if you’re lucky you might see a gorgeous ocelot. Siquirres is a unique community in Costa Rica, and is the perfect place to get an idea of ​​Tico’s true lifestyle. Since it is easily accessible from major cities and national parks, there is no reason why Siquirres should not be on any tourist’s agenda.

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