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The Sarapiquí canton forms the largest portion of the Heredia province. It covers 85% of the total land area. Sarapiquí is known throughout Costa Rica for its surprising and rich biodiversity as well as for being the dream destination of adventure seekers. Located in the northeast of the country and bordered by Nicaragua in the north, Sarapiquí is now a popular break for families and excited seekers.

One of the few areas in Costa Rica that is still home to the Green Araruana, an endangered species. Sarapiquí is also home to several nature reserves and national parks including the Braulio Carrillo National Park and the Protected area of ​​Sarapiquí. Sarapiquí is a green region, splendid and famous for its “turns” or outdoor festivals that include fairs, rodeos, and livestock and livestock shows. Sarapiquí is a mainly agricultural sector of the country and a region of high banana production in Costa Rica. However, coffee, cardamom, cocoa, corn and other fruits are also cultivated. The land in Sarapiquí is very fertile mainly because the Sarapiquí River flows through this region irrigating the entire area and also the climate is temperate and moderate throughout the year.

This county has a rich history, it was initially inhabited by the Voto Indians and was used by the American William Walker when he invaded Costa Rica in the last century. Outside the limits of the public during the conflict of borders of Costa Rica with Nicaragua, Sarapiquí has ​​now transformed itself into the main ecotourism area. If you visit this region make a stop at the La Selva Biological Research Station. This is one of the most diverse areas in Costa Rica and home to a plethora of indigenous flora and fauna.

If you enjoy the outdoors, you will find many opportunities for natural walks and climbing the region or rafting along the Sarapiquí River. A boat trip is a great opportunity to observe the wildlife of this region where we will see monkeys, birds, turtles. and alligators. If you are an avid bird watcher this is the perfect place to observe the many species of birds in their natural environment that exist in Costa Rica such as the hummingbird, quetzal, blackbird and others.

The capital of Sarapiquí is Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí and covers the three districts of La Virgen, Horquetas and Puerto Viejo. Located where the Sarapiquí River and the Puerto Viejo River meet. Because there is no domestic airport in this region, the only way to get there by car from San José is on the Guápiles Highway. It is a journey of just two hours from the city.


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